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A Beka Home School

With the growing popularity of home schooling, more and more styles and packages of homeschooling systems are entering the market. The upside is that parents who have decided to home school their children now have a lot more options and support material to choose from. The down side is that there is almost too much material for parents to go through and understanding the complexities of each option is difficult and makes deciding what course to follow more of a challenge. One popular choice is the A Beka home school which has developed by the Pensacola Christian College in Florida.The A Beka curriculum is Christian based with the aim of educating children in the values of the faith. It is very comprehensive in nature and very highly structured and is best for families who want the home schooling to be done around a formally structured framework. There are three different program options available.1. The A Beka Academy DVD program is a set of workbooks and accompanying DVDs that contain class room lectures that, as in regular classroom lectures, expand and clarify the material contained in the workbooks. This Program offers two options. This Program is completely accredited and is aimed at preparing students for college all work done by the student is sent to A Beka which maintains all records of a students work for purposes of grading, certification etc. The other option offers the same material but in this case all records are kept by the parents and it is a non accredited program. Since A Beka is not involved in record keeping, the second option costs less.2. The A Beka Academy Traditional Parent-Directed option is the same, but minus the DVDs. This is also a college preparatory program that is wholly accredited and that replaces the DVDs with detailed guides that explain to the parents how approach the syllabus. This allows more flexibility to the parents in how they approach various subjects. The parents send in all the work done by the children to A Beka who does the grading and also issues report cards – that are quite like a regular school, only everything happens from the home. The program operates on an academic year basis and parents are provided with regular updates on the children’s progress.3. The Text Books and Materials for Home Schooling provides only the curriculum and A Beka has no further role to play. All records are kept by the parents who evaluate the children’s performance and progress and since there is no academic year, parents can allow the children to learn at a pace that meets their individual requirements. Parents are free to order just parts of the program covering specific subject and combine what A Beka provides with other curricula from other sources.If you are looking for a Christian based way of education, the A Beka home school program offers a well structured program that creates a strong foundation in subjects like reading, writing and mathematics and sets highs standards for children to meet through their schooling years. Although the A Beka system is more expensive that many other Christian home school programs, its popularity attests the standards it sets.

Home Schooling – A Novel Method of Teaching and Educating Children

Interest in home schooling has been growing. In fact, more and more families want to try out this seemingly novel method of teaching and educating children. Home schooling provides many benefits for families as well as the home school students. Some may be new to the concept but it is not that totally new.The method of trying to educate children at home has its origins at the time when schools were limited in number, with students far outnumbering the capacity of schools, if at all available in the community. It may have been hard to believe, but there were times long ago that most countries were not capable of having the younger population educated. Then it was an absolute necessity for parents to have their children home schooled.Back then, sometime between the 18th and 19th centuries, home schooling was the primary educational force that has helped advance every child’s learning until he grew up into an adult. During those times, the child’s education was limited to how much their parents can teach them.That is why during the 19th century, with all the progress going on all over the world, it has been realized that the government should have to take the responsibility of providing education for its growing population. This resulted in the government building more and more schools to accommodate more students. Then compulsory education was established in order to make more students go to the new schools to get their education. This development brought home education to slowly fade away. But all is not lost.At present, home schooling has brought a bit of resurgence in its appeal of providing more personalized education to children. More and more parents have become fond of the idea of having more control of what their children learn. More and more parents want to be more active in their children’s education. And most of all, more and more parents want to spend some more time to be close to their children and home schooling can afford them to do that.If you are also interested in knowing more about home schooling, there many articles available for you online that would educate you more on how such a method of teaching can benefit you and your child. These articles would also be able to provide you with the different home schooling methods available that you could try out. Home schooling is one alternative that you can consider if you are looking for other alternatives in educating the young. The benefits and the system being followed by home education might just be the method tailor-made for your circumstances.